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Federal Criminal Appeals

Federal criminal appeals out of Texas are heard in the Fifth Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is not necessary or even helpful for an attorney to reside in New Orleans to practice in front of the Fifth Court of Appeals. Instead, the overwhelming preponderance of the federal criminal appeal is accomplished through electronic filing.

Criminal Appeals

We represent clients for all levels of felony appeals—from capital murder to ordinary assaults. We take a creative approach to identifying the right issues for your appeal. Niles worked for an appellate court justice and learned how to identify issues that appellate courts will respond to. Niles does fewer misdemeanor appeals but he has done several arising from DWI.

Civil Appeals

We represent clients in family law appeals and in most civil appeals. We do not represent clients in landlord-tenant cases arising from JP Court. Niles also represents people in appeals of Protective Orders. These are civil appeals although they are often treated as criminal trial cases.

Sex Offender Appeals

Niles has represented clients in the administrative process before DPS and in mandamus proceedings to remove the client from the sex offender registry. These are extraordinarily difficult and in most cases there is nothing that can be done. But in some instances we can find creative approach to the process and we can use that approach to build an appeal.

Writs of Habeas Corpus

11.07 writs or 2254 or 2255 motions are demanding and difficult. We have experience with all variety of state writs and with 2254 and 2255 writs in federal court.

Sales Tax Appeals

One of Niles’ regular clients had a sales tax issue arise. Niles never planned to make this an area of practice but he enjoyed the process and he now represents clients who have a sales tax assessment facing them from the State Comptroller’s Office.

Writs of Mandamus

Niles finds writs of mandamus to be among the most intellectually satisfying work he does. These do not come up often but when they are appropriate they are a strong remedy to what is usually a significant problem.

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