Criminal Appeal Lawyer

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.1) Where I Begin With Clients

.2) What Is An Appellate Attorney?

.3) Difference Between 5th Circuit Court Of Appeals vs. 5th Court Of Appeals

.4) Client Communication

.5) Case Status

.6) TDC: What To Expect

.7) State & Federal Appellate Courts

.8) Chances On Appeal

.9) Oral Argument

.10) The Brief

.11) How Long Does An Appeal Take?

.12) Trial Court To Appellate Court

.13) Notice Of Appeal

.14) Appeal vs. Writ

.15) Three Ways To Address A Conviction

.16) Appeal Transparency

.17) Where Is The Record?

.18) The Record

.19) What Is An Appeal?

If you have additional questions regarding the appellate process regarding federal, state, criminal, or civil court appeals contact me and I’ll create additional videos as time allows.