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Niles Illich Ph.D., J.D.

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense in Houston, Texas and want to appeal your conviction, it’s important that you find an appellate lawyer who has experience in the 5th circuit court. Attorney Niles Illich is an experienced appellate lawyer who knows all of the rules for filing a motion for new trial or appeals. He understands how to best present your case so that you will have the greatest chance at success on appeal.

Welcome to the Law Office of Niles Illich, Ph.D., J.D. I represent clients who have been convicted of a variety of crimes, ranging from driving while intoxicated to murder. I also represent civil litigants who have either prevailed in the trial court and need to protect a judgment or who have had a judgment entered against them. I have extensive experience as a Criminal and Civil Appellate Attorney, and I have worked as a briefing attorney for a Justice on the First Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas.

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Criminal Appeals Houston Texas

We represent clients for all levels of felony appeals —from capital murder to ordinary assaults. Due to COVID I currently consult clients over the phone or video calls via Zoom.

Civil Appeals Houston TX

I represent clients in family law appeals and in most civil appeals including people in appeals of Protective Orders.

Writs of Habeas Corpus Houston Texas

We have experience with all variety of state writs and with 2254 and 2255 writs in federal court.

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– Civil appeals Houston TX  – family law appeals – most civil appeals including people in protective orders writs of habeas corpus texas – state writs 225h court.

Niles Illich is an appellate lawyer serving Houston, TX criminal appeal clients. He focuses on motion for new trial and appeals to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and other courts. Niles Illich has experience with all levels of legal work including federal court litigation and motions in state appellate courts such as the Fifth Circuit Court.